Who We Are

Bancommunity Service Corporation (BSC) is a financial service holding company headquartered in St. Peter, Minnesota, with banking offices in St. Peter, Gaylord, Belle Plaine, and Mankato. Our primary geographic market covers a large area in south central Minnesota, including Nicollet, Blue Earth, LeSueur, Scott, Carver, and Sibley counties.

Through the four banking offices, we serve nonprofit organizations, businesses, agriculture, and individuals with a combination of responsive, personal service, and high-quality products. Our aim is to remain one of the most successful and respected financial organizations in the area by creating and maintaining mutually beneficial relationships with our customers, shareholders, employees, and communities.

As a locally owned corporation, we are dependent upon the communities we serve for our growth and profitability. The holding company, its banks, its management, and its staff are committed to supporting our neighbors and businesses with the financial products and services they need. In the process, we will adhere to fair employment and business practices, invest in the professional growth of our staffs, reinvest customer deposits locally, and contribute both time and money to community causes.

Mission Statement

BSC Mission Statement; The mission of Bancommunity Service Corporation is to guide, direct, and grow its subsidiary bank to operate in a profitable, professional, and efficient manner to enhance shareholder value and to provide excellent service to our customers, concentrating in our trade area.

FNBMN Mission Statement; The passion of First National Bank Minnesota is to serve our customers faster & better than anyone else. We accomplish this by being a trusted business partner who creates tailored banking solutions for those we serve.

Community Engagement

We appreciate the effort our employees put forth to serve our company and our communities. They are actively involved, skilled, and motivated workers who dedicate their time to worthy causes in and around our communities. They use their knowledge and expertise to benefit the areas we live in. First National Bank Minnesota recognizes and appreciates the value of employees volunteering time to make a difference and being a positive contribution to society.

We always put you FIRST!

At First National Bank Minnesota we believe in strengthening communities by contributing in a variety of ways from creating opportunities for our neighbors to volunteering time to make a difference. We're proud to be involved and care about our communities. Look for us as we enjoy participating in functions such as:

  • Back to School promotion that gathers school supplies for those families with limited resources
  • Financial support for many civic and non-profit events
  • Volunteers at local events and fundraisers
  • Members of and leaders in several local organizations

Meet Our Team

St. Peter Team

SP - Mike Bresnahan

Mike Bresnahan


(507) 931-5200

SP - Matt Wallskog

Matt Wallskog

Market President

(507) 931-5202

BP - Amanda Schmidt

Amanda Schmidt

Operations Associate

(507) 931-5212

Amy Lager

Amy Lager


(507) 934-5271

SP - Angela Sickler

Angela Sickler

Universal Banker

(507) 931-5208

SP - Arianne Holicky

Arianne Holicky

Chief Financial Officer

(507) 934-5278

SP - Brenda Carpenter

Brenda Carpenter

Universal Banker

(507) 931-5214

 Cade Johnson - Mankato

Cade Johnson

Assistant Loan Processing

(507) 934-5266

SP - Craig Bode

Craig Bode

Senior Vice President,
Ag Lending

(507) 931-5204

SP - Debbie Schmidt

Debbie Schmidt

Executive Assistant

(507) 934-5267

SP - Diane Haas

Diane Haas

Operations Associate

(507) 931-5212

SP - Hollie Wiest

Hollie Wiest

Operations Associate

(507) 931-5212

 Holly Baker

Holly Baker

Loan Processor

(507) 931-4000

Jackeline Avalos - SP

Jackeline Avalos


(507) 934-5271

SP - Kalley Hewitt

Kalley Hewitt

Loan Support

(507) 934-5265

SP - Kay Burns

Kay Burns

Loan Support

(507) 934-5261

SP - Kelly Lewis

Kelly Lewis

Customer Service Support

(507) 934-5260

SP - Kim Stevensen

Kim Stevensen

Sr. Compliance Officer

(507) 931-5213

SP - Mike Favre

Mike Favre

Chief Credit Officer

(507) 931-5205

Mike Kittelson 2020

Mike Kittelson

Financial Advisor

(507) 931-5211

BP - Mike Ludvik

Mike Ludvik

Senior Vice President

(507) 931-5203

Noelle Olson

Noelle Olson


(507) 934-5271

SP - Peggy Peterson

Peggy Peterson

Universal Banker

(507) 934-5272

Sasina - St. Peter

Sasina Chaleunrath 


(507) 934-5271

Sienna Wiebusch

Sienna Wiebusch


(507) 934-5271

Mankato Team

M - Eric Peters

Eric Peters

Market President

(507) 386-4558

M - Ben Gossett

Ben Gossett

Vice President,
Business Banker

(507) 386-4137

 Cassie Thompson

Cassie Thompson


(507) 386-4122


M - Chelsey Evan

Chelsey Evan

Credit Analyst

(507) 386-4130

M - Diane Betz

Diane Betz


(507) 386-4122

Emily Gatz - BP

Emily Gatz

Universal Banker

(507) 386-4131

M - Heather Beitz

Heather Beitz

Universal Banker

(507) 386-4134

M - Jay Buboltz

Jay Buboltz

Vice President

(507) 386-4129

M - Jenny Hokanson

Jenny Hokanson

Loan Administration Support

(507) 386-4545

M - Jessica Oas

Jessica Oas

Loan Administration Support

(507) 386-4127

Jill Koehler - M

Jill Koehler

Vice President,
Marketing Officer

(507) 386-4546

Joan Evan - M

Joan Evan

Customer Service Support

(507) 386-4126

M - Ken Kuehner

Ken Kuehner

Senior Vice President, Business Banker

(507) 386-4214

M - Lydia Sandmann

Lydia Sandmann

Universal Banker

(507) 386-4120

M - Michael Laskey

Michael Laskey

Senior Vice President, Business Banker

(507) 386-4553

Mindi Thom

Mindi Thom

Credit Analyst

(507) 386-4543

M - Molly David

Molly David

Vice President,
Human Resources

(507) 386-4559

M - Nate Zender

Nate Zender

Vice President,
Bank Administration Officer

(507) 386-4554

M - Russ Blaschko

Russ Blaschko

Vice President,
Mortgage Lending

(507) 386-4123

Sabrina Johnston

Sabrina Johnston


(507) 386-4122

Sarah Oas - M

Sara Oas


(507) 386-4122

Tyler Resner 2020

Tyler Resner

Assistant Vice President,
Business Banker

(507) 386-4121

Gaylord Team

G - Maria Kirsch

Maria Kirsch

Gaylord Branch Manager

(507) 784-5503

 Ana Mendoza - Gaylord

Ana Mendoza



G - Arlene Kuphal

Arlene Kuphal


(507) 784-5501

G - Jen Muchow

Jen Muchow

Universal Banker

(507) 237-4202

G - Kathy Jensen

Kathy Jensen


(507) 784-5501

Kerry Reid

Kerry Reid


(507) 784-5501

Belle Plaine Team

BP - Dick Coleman

Dick Coleman

Market President

(952) 873-4009

 Abby Ambroz - BP

Abby Ambroz

Universal Banker

(952) 873-4027


BP - Andy Siemon

Andy Siemon

Assistant Vice President,             Ag Banker

(952) 873-4005

 Chelsea Pulju

Chelsea Pulju


(952) 872-4007

BP - Debbie Glowicki

Debbie Glowicki

Lead Universal Banker

(952) 873-4012

Janel Schmidt - BP

Janel Schmidt

Vice President,
Senior Retail Operations Officer

(952) 873-4002

Jenna Blomgren

Jenna Blomgren


(952) 873-4007

BP - Jessica Charpentier

Jessica Charpentier

Loan Administration Support

(952) 873-4003

BP - Kim Halvorson

Kim Halvorson

Universal Banker

(952) 873-4006

BP - Lori Thaemert

Lori Thaemert

VP Mortgage Lending 

(952) 873-4016

BP - Lorraine Borneman

Lorraine Borneman


(952) 873-4007

BP - Mary Bigaouette

Mary Bigaouette

Loan Administration Support

(952) 873-4011

BP - Tammy Rockman

Tammy Rockman


(952) 873-4007

BP - Tracy Bergland

Tracy Bergland

Assistant Vice President,
Business Banker

(952) 873-4017

BP - Wendy Koepp

Wendy Koepp

Vice President,
Information Systems Officer

(952) 873-4018


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